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Hi! I’m bryan. I design, code, and build superficial things, and I love what I do. Download CV bryan.info@gmail.com / +8 (235)-555-65-89
About me

Want creative design? I'm here to help.

I’m Bryan experienced web and graphics designer and developer building creative and logical digital art. Using a motivational quote that speaks to you is a great way to start a journal page or begin your writing for the day.

Bryan harvey
+8 (235)-555-65-89
Rock Maple St. 50310


Years Experience

Work Experience

Jun, 2010 – Dec, 2013

Programming Course

London, UK
The above examples are just
Programming Course
Dec, 2013 – Jun, 2016

Junior Developer

New York
It's always nice to have good
Junior Developer
Jun, 2016 – Dec, 2018

Full stack developer

San Francisco
Using a motivational quote that speaks
Full stack developer
Jan 2018 Current

Recruiting manager

Tokyo, Japan
The beginning of the day
Recruiting manager

Just my awesome skills

The beginning of the day is vitally important to how the rest of your day is likely to go.
Creativity 83
Design 75
Javascript 47
Marketing 81


  • Website/Graphic Designing
  • WordPress Development
  • Brand & Corporate Identity
  • Custom Website Development
  • Mobile App UI/UX Design
  • Digital product design platform

Languages speak in


What client says

Just having that first quote to get the ideas going is an invaluable tool – you never know where that one idea will take you.
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